Allen Susser, Best New Chef 1991

Chef Allen's, Miami

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[MUSIC] I'm Allan Susser, welcome to Chef Alan's in Miami. I do innovative Florida seafood, but I'm originally a New Yorker. When I came to Miami the pallet of ingredients Change the way that I cook. [MUSIC] It has a great energy [INAUDIBLE]. There's lots of things to do. It's very exciting. [BLANK_AUDIO] If you want to see tropical Miami, go to [INAUDIBLE] topical gardens. As you walk around you are seeing the a natural beauty. It's there on this [INAUDIBLE]. It's really a fun. Place to be. [MUSIC] The pool at the Biltmore is probably the most majestic pool in south Florida. A classic presentation built in the 1920s. Great open water, relaxing, great way to spend the afternoon. Jungle island is like a tropical zoo Wonderful exhibits, parrots and parakeets to reptiles. They teach you about them but also how to sustain them. If you care about endangered species, it's a fabulous place to go. Miami's main strength is in its diversity. The food, the people. There's no other place than I'd rather be cooking than right here in Miami.
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Allen Susser, Best New Chef 1991