All-Clad Presents: Stephanie Izard

Girl & The Goat, Chicago, IL

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Hi. I'm Stephanie Izard from Girl and the Goat in Chicago, one of Food and Wine magazine's 2011 best new chefs. Today I'm gonna make for you a really simple recipe. My clam bucatini. The most important thing when making delicious food is fresh ingredients and the right equipment. So today, I'm gonna use a stock pot and saute pan from All-Clad's new stainless steel line. It's also made in America, which is a great way to support local. [MUSIC] The first step in our recipe is making our fennel broth. It's really simple and you always wanna make it from scratch. We're gonna start off with just a little olive oil in the pan. We're gonna add in our fennel. And some sliced onion. [SOUND] And also some fresh garlic. Now, what we want to do is actually sweat the vegetables. Which means we're gonna cook them. Not get a lot of color on them. But let all of the natural flavors come out. We're gonna let that sweat for about three minutes. And while it's sweating, I'm gonna add in a little bit of kosher salt. What's great about this pot is that it has a nice wide bottom which allows us to sweat our vegetables before adding in the liquid. And the nice high sides. So once the liquid's in there, it won't evaporate too quickly, allowing all the flavors to really infuse into our stock. Add in some fennel seed. This is just gonna really kick up that fennel flavor. Once those have toasted in just a little bit, we're gonna add in some cold water. It's very important to use cold water because as it comes up in temperature, you'll be able to bring out all those fennel and onion and garlic flavors, making for a great flavorful stock. There we go. Now you just bring it up to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and let it simmer for about an hour. How simple is that? Okay, so now we're ready to get into our all clad saute pan and finish our dish. Start off with a little bit of olive oil. [MUSIC] And then we're going to sweat some fennel, that little Julien fennel. Some minced shallot. A little bit of minced garlic. And again we're going to put a little of salt on here while we're sweating so that all the flavors come out; and we don't get any color. I love the saute pan because there's plenty of room for sauteing. It's also nice high sides, preventing any splattering and it's really good handle. This mixture's ready so we're gonna add in a little bit of green tomato. Not too much but you're really gonna get that nice fresh flavor. We wanna add a little more salt and pepper. Wanna make sure that you season every step of the way. Now we're just gonna add in a little bit of white wine. It's gonna de-glaze the pan bring out all the little bits until it caramelized. What's great about this pan is it's got nice even heating. So you can saute and de-glaze on one pan. Put in our clams [SOUND] Just dump them right in there. Season our clams, a little salt and pepper. Then we're gonna add in a bit of our fennel stalk. [SOUND] Cover our clams and let them steam just til they open. It will take about three to five minutes. [SOUND] All right. Now that our clams are all open and ready to go, we're gonna add in our bucatini. It's a great pasta, it's like spaghetti with a little hole through the middle. Put in our pork sausage, it's already out of the casings and it's been pre-cooked and then we're going to add in out horseradish creme fraiche which is going to finish the sauce. Let the creme fraiche melt into the fennel stock making a nice thick sauce. Season with a little salt and pepper. Just garnish with a little green tomato, and there you have it, a simple clam bucatini made in our All-Clad stockpot and saute pan. [MUSIC]
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All-Clad Presents: Stephanie Izard