Alessandro Stratta, Best New Chef 1994

Alex, Las Vegas

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[MUSIC] Hi, my name's Alec Stratta, Alec's Restaurant, win Las Vegas on the Las Vegas strip. People are very experimental when they come to Las Vegas. They'll try things they'll never try before. What we want to do is create A Las Vegas style restaurant experience. A Las Vegas style means over the top, over indulgent, you can have anything you want. Sensory overload. If anything Las Vegas stands for, it's really sensory overload in every way. So if you go west about 15 miles Off the strip, you're going to go into Red Rock National Park. Beautiful, bright, red clay. Bicyclists and joggers and hikers and families go out there. It's nice. Golf is very popular for [INAUDIBLE] because you're pretty much running around like crazy. Golf is almost like a zen thing to do out there with a couple of friends. Just relax and chase the ball around for a few hours. You have this restaurant, Bartolotta. It's a unique seafood restaurant in that he brings all of his fish in from Italy. Beautiful, fresh seafood. Beautiful, fresh pasta. It's one of my favorite places to go to. What's fun about Las Vegas is that it's never a dull moment. It's always on the go. It's really special. People can't get enough of it.
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Alessandro Stratta, Best New Chef 1994