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[MUSIC] Today, we're gonna make a Mistletoe Margarita using Tequila Cazadores Resposado and pomegranate juice for great color. So what do you look for when you're looking for different tequilas? The most important factor of all on any bottle of tequila Gail is to look for the words 100% agave. Right, that's the plant that the tequila's made from correct? Exactly. And you want nothing but the blue agave plant to be used. That's great, so show me how to make it. Let's do it. So, into our mixing glass we're going to take our Cazadores Tequila Reposado. We're gonna pour one and half parts using our jigger again. And we flip it over to the other half. Our pomegranate juice, and we're gonna do two parts of pomegranate juice. [BLANK_AUDIO] And then we're gonna add triple sec. Half part. Now triple sec has a bit of an orange flavor, correct? Yeah it is actually like a orange Curacao. Okay. It has a citrus flavor to it. An additional, again roofing on the holiday theme with a red, we're gonna put some grenadine syrup on half part. This is gonna add a really beautiful silkness and richness to a drink. Okay so we have fresh lime juice right here. And we're gonna use our jigger. Let's put one part of fresh lime and a one part of simple syrup. [SOUND] We mix that together, and there you have it. Okay, so. Nice and fresh. All we needed for that, for this recipe, is one half part. [BLANK_AUDIO] And we're good to go. And then you're gonna finish that with a splash of fresh lime juice. Right, there it is. Okay. And then we're going to put a few more cubes in here. Give it a seal, and off we go. And I'm going to fill the glass with some ice. Perfect. And then over these beautiful Square ice cubes we have here. Oh that looks great. Yeah, the color is just fabulous. And then we garnish it simply with a half lime wheel. The green and the red pop so beautifully together. And there it is: the tequila Cazadores mistletoe. Margarita. It's fantastic. And I have to say pairing with a drink like this is actually really easy. People think it's difficult to pair with tequila because it has such a bold flavor. But in fact, using something that contrasts with it will go really, really well. We've chosen a A grilled scallop dish with avocado salsa. And you can find this recipe on foodandwine.com. So there you go. Happy holidays, Anthony. Cheer, gal. [MUSIC]
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