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[MUSIC] Okay, so now we're gonna make the quintessential classic martini cocktail. And it's going to be made with our Bombay Sapphire gin Not vodka. Often a lot of confusion, Gail, between vodka and gin when it comes to making martinis. Gin was and remains the spirit of the classic martini cocktail. Now you mentioned before making the perfect dry martini. What's the difference a dry and a wet martini. It has everything to do with the amount of vermouth. Right. In a classic dry martini very little, very little vermouth. In an older style wet martini, more of a, almost half and half at some point. All right, well let's make it. Let's do it. So I'm gonna ask you, if you would pour some water into our glass that's chilly, it'll be really, really cold. And I'm gonna put three parts of Bombay Safire into our trusty mixing glass. When they say splash it is literally just a tiny, tiny splash of Noilly Prat dry white vermouth. And it's really just like that. Wow. That's it, and that's all we need. All right. So, we're going to dump this out. Okay, great, so then our glass is nice and cold. We're gonna put some ice here. Plenty of ice, actually. Put our long bar spoon in and we're gonna stir it thoroughly so it gets super, super cold. And the idea, also, behind stirring versus shaking is that when you stir the gin, you don't bruise it. That's very important in And making the perfect classic martini cocktail. And a drink like this, the spirit's integrity is really important. Yeah, absolutely, so we're gonna strain this into our ice cold glass. [BLANK_AUDIO] So, how do you recommend garnishing your martinis? Well, it's entirely a matter of preference, Gale. I will tell you this, that a classic martini Olive, strictly olives. But if you wanted to accentuate the citrus botanicals in this Bombay Sapphire, I would recommend using lemon peel. Some people like to put onions in them too. Or alternate them on a skewer with the olives. But again, it's entirely a matter of preference. Now if you add the onions instead of olives, that's called the Gibson, correct? You know your cocktails. Yeah so that's what we're gonna, I tend to do three and they actually fit perfectly on these skewers, and then you just lay them into the drink very gently and you could either eat them while you're very having this very [UNKNOWN] wedding cocktail or you could wait to the end and then eat them too. And it's that olive flavor that actually think goes so well with pairing. Yeah. What I've done to pair it is make a really simple olive tapenade. And it will be a perfect way to start a meal. So I'll I've done is put in the food processor some black olives Some onions, some garlic, a little bit of olive oil. Spread them on some toasted baguette with some fresh thyme. And what's great about this pairing is the savoriness of both the drink and the hors d'oeuvre is that they really wet your appetite and get you ready for dinner. So there you have it. The Bombay Sapphire ultimate martini cocktail. [MUSIC]
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