2008 Ultimate Reader Recipe Contest

Take a peek behind the scenes at this year's cook-off.

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[MUSIC] My name is Maureen Redmond. Catherine McMichael Lisa Richardson Sherrie Richie Judy Helder Vickie Laray Devon Delaney Linda Rogers Jenny Dunkley Beverly Affarel Emily Almongarer Lindsey Weiss and my recipe is roasted banana bars. It's a family banana bar recipe that I've always had. I took some butter out of there and replaced it with buttermilk. And just with that simple replacement it still retained its moisture but stayed much lower in fat. My contest experience with Cooking Light has been very very good. It was kind of nice to go into a kitchen and just cook and made it a really nice experience. My recipe is spicy black bean hummus. To make the recipe light, I used less than half of the amount of Tahini paste and also less olive oil then most recipes call for. My best recipes come from just adding things that I happen to have lying around. Don't be afraid to like veer from the written word of the recipe. Recipe. Cook a lot, and cook what tastes good to you, and just go with your instincts. Just try new things, don't be afraid if you've never entered a contest before, just do it, there's no reason not to. [MUSIC]
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2008 Ultimate Reader Recipe Contest