2008 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

Food & Wine's Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] The Food & Wine Magazine [UNKNOWN] in Aspen is the seminal even of our entire year. In three days the whole thing comes to life. Not two dimensions but three dimensions. We cover chefs. You know Cabernet is really the traditional wine for it. We cover trends, we cover style, we cover destinations, we cover travel. We do all of that here. I mean take a look around. I mean it's got an unbelievable amount of maturity. This is the place to come. It's the place that The chefs put on their calendar a year, two years in advance. It's one that is just not to be missed. When you get invited to team seminars in Aspen, it sort becomes the pinnacle of your career. I'm a subscriber for the [UNKNOWN]. So between the setting, the magazine, the exhibitors, the promotions, everything. I love it. For us, of course, one of the reasons that we find Is so important is the influencers that arrive at this event. I mean, obviously it's a very important consumer audience, but for us, that contact with the restaurant trade and the media that comes to the event is certainly on of the reasons to be here. [MUSIC] The people here are fantastic. They're really into food. They're such foodies. The people who come to the event as consumers are. They're hedonists. They wanna have fun. They really wanna get up close to chefs and restaurateurs and winemakers They're really here to have a great time. I enjoyed the celebrity shots and the That kind of little piece of it, and you meet some really really nice people, and it's just a lot of fun. I think it's a great way to get a sense of who your customers are, and interact with them in that regard. Many of our customers come to this event to find out what's cool, what's hot, what's new in the food world. It's tremendous The artisans that bring their craft here in terms of food and wine, but also just a lot of the things that round out a true luxury lifestyle. I bought a Chrysler car after seeing the Chrysler 300c here. The depth of food and the depth of experience that's possible when everything comes together in one venue. You really need to be with us and near us. And had dinner, and we had been with you and near you, and that's the main reason why this event is so good and why I've come back. I believe this is my eighth year. [APPLAUSE] The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen has been a life affirming part of my year for 16 of the last 19 years. And that's the magic of Aspen, is it brings people together. No other festival in the country. Maybe no other festival in the world that does that. This is without any question the premiere food and wine event in the country. The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen is the premiere food and wine event. Actually, in the world. [MUSIC]
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2008 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen