In recent years, kale has become one of the trendiest ingredients and certainly the most hyped vegetable at the farmer’s market. But that isn't the reason we think you should eat it. We're into kale because it’s healthy—rich in vitamins K, C, A and B6—and it's delicious in all kinds of recipes. To celebrate kale season (it's at its peak in October, but is available all fall and beginning of winter), we're here with 30 days worth of our best kale recipes. From upgraded versions of the classic kale salad to inventive creations like chickpeas and kale in spicy pomodoro sauce and gluten-free pizza with sausage, kale and red onion, we've got every kind of dish you might be craving. So go out and get yourself a bunch of kale (or a bunch of bunches) and start cooking.

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