Corn Recipes

They say nothing is as American as apple pie, but corn has to be a close second. Just imagine Southern picnics without cornbread, going to the movies without a bucket of buttery popcorn or enjoying summertime without golden ears of corn-on-the-cob. In the northeast, corn chowder rules, in the Creole kitchens of South it’s maque choux, and in the Low Country corn is a breakfast staple in the form of creamy grits. In recent years, American cooks have even been exploring the sweet side of corn, with frozen desserts like corn paletas and corn ice cream appearing on menus around the country. No matter what state you’re in, F&W’s guide to corn has recipes that are sure to please, from inventive popcorns to summer party food to cocktails made with corn spirits.  

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Food & Wine: Whole Grains to Try Now
Whole Grains to Try Now
What are grains? What are whole grains? Here's a list of grains of the moment that you should try cooking with now. These grains, according to Jonathan Bethony, the resident baker at The Bread Lab in Mount Vernon, Washington, are "kind of like the gifted and talented. You have to find out what they're good at." How do you do that? Pam Yung, co-owner and baker/pastry chef at Brooklyn's Semilla restaurant, has a simple answer: "I suggest people just play around with them." Check out this guide to the grains, and some ideas from the pros for how to best play with them.—Betsy Andrews

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