Thanksgiving Dinner
and Menu

We offer classic and updated Thanksgiving dinner ideas, from
a traditional menu to F&W's most innovative new recipes.
Plus, star chefs reveal tips and menu ideas to help any home
cook create memorable Thanksgiving meals.

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Aida Mollenkamp's 21st Century Thanksgiving Dinner
Chef Recipes

Aida Mollenkamp's 21st Century Holiday Dishes

TV host Aida Mollenkamp creates food with universal appeal—for vegans, omnivores and gluten-free eaters. Here, her tips on how to cook for any crowd.

David Tanis's Napa Thanksgiving Dinner
Expert Lessons

Napa Thanksgiving

Farmer-to-the-stars Lee Hudson invites former Chez Panisse chef David Tanis to his Napa Valley home to create a California-style Thanksgiving dinner, using ingredients grown on Hudson's 2,000-acre ranch.