Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

Warming bourbon drinks, rich punches and more.

DCV (photo at right)

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

  • Glögg

    For this version of Swedish mulled wine, chef Marcus Samuelsson spikes white wine and rosé with vodka infused with cardamom and ginger. The drink is boozy, aromatic and delicious.

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    Thanksgiving Glögg Recipe
  • Cranberry Spice Cocktail

    This festive drink is made with homemade cranberry-anise bitters.

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    Thanksgiving Cranberry Spice Cocktail
  • Gaelic Punch

    For hot punches, young Irish whiskeys work best. Heat intensifies the tannic edge of older whiskeys; young ones stay smooth.

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    Thanksgiving Cocktail Gaelic Punch
  • Americano

    This drink was a favorite of American expats during Prohibition. Prior to then it was known as the Milano-Torino, for the cities where its two main ingredients were first made: Milan (Campari) and Turin (sweet vermouth).

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    Thanksgiving Cocktail Americano
  • Stone Rose

    This sparkling, pear-scented Jack Rose variation is reminiscent of honeysuckle flowers. Leftover spiced syrup can be stirred into tea or lemonade, or poured over fruit.

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    Thanksgiving Cocktail Stone Rose
  • Pomme en Croute

    Chris Hannah makes this apple-accented riff on the Brandy Crusta using Calvados instead of the classic's Cognac.

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    Thanksgiving Cocktail Pomme en Croute
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