While rumors that Drake is opening a new restaurant in Toronto have been squashed, the story stayed afloat for so long, because it could easily have been true. Musicians and restaurants go together like pork and beans (for you Weezer fans) or peaches n cream (for the Snoop Dogg lovers). The news is filled with stories of celebrities launching new businesses or looking for a good place to invest all those dolla dolla bills, like Madonna investing in Vita Coco or Beyoncé going in on vegan meal service 22 Days Nutrition or Aerosmith’s Joe Perry launching a line of hot sauce. The real glory lies in the restaurant world, though, where stars can host friends, stage their own record release parties, or simply play bartender for a night. While some musician-owned restaurants crash and burn (we’d still eat at Britney Spears’ Nyla), others have found a lot of success in the restaurant world. Here are 9 musicians who could give up the music world for the food industry:

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