Smoked Pastrami and Spontaneously Fermented Beer: Chef Kevin Fink's Guide to Austin

© Thomas Winslow
At Emmer & Rye, chef Kevin Fink uses his own hand-milled grain to make some of Austin's most exceptional baked goods and pastas.  He’ll point you to beers found only in Texas and outrageously good smoked pastrami.

For a real feel of Austin coffee culture, Figure 8 Coffee

Courtesy of Figure 8 Coffee

“They have very beautiful lattes, and they always look out for new coffees to import. But it’s also just a cool, cute house on the eastside which embodies what Austin is about.” 1111 Chicon St.

For the best beers only found in Texas, Jester King Brewery

© Jester King Brewery

“It’s all wild yeasts and spontaneously fermented beer. They really make whatever they can specific to this area.” 13187 Fitzhugh Rd.

For brick oven pizza and smoked pastrami, Pieous

© pieous

“If you’re going to Jester King, I always recommend going to nearby Pieous. It used to be an old smoke house and they converted it to a pizzeria, but decided to use the old smoker and make pastrami too. And they recently opened up a pastry shop so if you go in the morning you can get housemade croissants.” 12005 US 290 West.

For part supply shop, part museum, Métier

© Thomas Winslow

“You can never waste too much time coming here, I can spend hours. They have 1st  edition cookbooks, a mix of knives for any occasion, from hunting tools to traditional Misonos, and everything else food related in between.” 1805 S 1st  St.

For the true Austin food truck experience, Thai-Kun at Whisler's

“Whisler’s is a bar on the east side, it’s open air and they do a lot of live music. And in it, there’s a food truck called Thai-Kun. The waterfall pork, marinated and grilled pork with a tremendous amount of spice, is exactly how to end your night on these hot days. But it’s not for the amateur.” 1816 E 6th  St.

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