Serious Sushi and Mexican Corn: Iliana Regan’s Guide to Chicago

Courtesy of The Wormhole Coffee
At Elizabeth, Iliana Regan elevates mid-western ingredients to showcase the distinct Chicago flavor. She favors unmarked street stands and timeless Italian eateries.

For the perfect cup, The Wormhole Coffee

Courtesy of The Wormhole Coffee

“With Halfwit Roasters, their own roasting company, they simply make the best coffee in the city.” 1462 Milwaukee Ave.

For the best street food in any climate

“The elote (Mexican seasoned corn) stand on the corner of Clark and Wilson streets is delicious. And it's run by two old ladies sitting there, rain or shine.” Corner of Clark St. and Wilson St.

For a serious sushi institution, Katsu

“I like to support long time establishments, and it’s been here for many years. If a restaurant can last past its first year I think it can really hit its stride after 2 to 3 years. At least that's what happened for me.” 2651 W Peterson Ave.

For a market with everything in one place, Andersonville Farmers Market

© Timmy Samuel

“It has some of my favorite vendors and a little of everything. I can create the perfect dinner just hitting 3 booths.” 1500 W Berwyn Ave.

For time-tested Italian favorites, Anteprima

“I always get the octopus salad and pappardelle with prosciutto ragu. Those items have been in the menu at least 7 years and I can still get 3 courses for 30 bucks. It's awesome.” 5316 N Clark St.

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