Follow Ambitious Food Outside

© Rey Lopez
Al fresco dining with a gourmet twist, all over the U.S.

The Yard’s Park, Washington D.C.

Washingtonians are heading to the park on the Anacostia River for seafood towers at Nick and David Wiseman’s new raw bar, Whaley’s.

PHS Pop Up Gardens, Philadelphia

At the revitalized Viaduct Rail Park, local-hero chefs Jason Cichonski and Sylva Senat are serving dishes like guacamole and kimchi salsa with plenty of beer.

The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles

F&W Best New York Chef Suzanne Goin has taken over the food at the concert venue, serving cheeseburgers and wood-grilled fish.

Riis Park Beach Bazaar, Brooklyn

Whitney Aycock brings his terrific, no-substitutions wood-oven pies to the pavilion at Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways.

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