Floating Underwater Tunnels Will Be the Coolest Way to Drive Norway's Fjords

Norwegian Public Roads Administration
These $25 billion tunnels promise to majorly cut down cross-country travel time.

This piece originally appeared on travelandleisure.com.

Navigating Norway's fjords is beautiful, but daunting.

Driving along the coast from the southern city of Stavanger to the North Cape takes around 40 hours, and there are more than a half a dozen ferries to take along the way. It's great if you've got a couple weeks to explore, but not ideal for those looking to experience Norway in a few days.

But a new project has promised to majorly cut down cross-country travel time with a series of floating underwater tunnels.

Floating tunnels are more possible than regular tunnels because of the depth of the sea bed, but there are still challenges ahead. Construction could interfere with ships or could damage this pristine destination, and engineers would need to ensure the tunnels had safety fallbacks.

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Whatever happens, it isn't happening very soon. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration announced the underwater tunnels would be in place by 2035, to the tune of about $25 billion.

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