Magnifying Spoon Protects You from Eating Tiny Hairs

Are you paranoid that your stew, curry or ice cream sundae may be contaminated by some cook’s tiny hairs? Worry no more. The magnifying spoon is going to give you peace of mind. The magnifying glass qua spoon is part of a series called Contaminants Outside the Home from designers Object Solutions.

6 New Innovations in Unnecessary Cutlery: Tomato Tongs, Edamame Ejectors and Pita Paddles

When it comes to using the right tool for the job, kitchen stores have you covered. Single-purpose utensils abound from cherry pitters to oyster forks. But one Israeli designer is taking the concept to the extreme. Lee Ben David found the specificity of kitchenware to be so absurd that she created a set of even more amusing cutlery, including a cherry tomato tong, an edamame extruder and a knife-and-fork combo specifically developed to separate the layers of pita bread.