Gordon Ramsay Will Cook You Garbage At The Latest Incarnation of ‘WastED’

Gordon Ramsay has infamously put a lot of other chefs in their places over the years on his popular shows Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef. Now, he’s out to prove he can even make better food out of trash than most cooks can out of perfectly acceptable ingredients – though it’s all for a good cause.

'Saved By the Bell' Pop-Up Will Tour the Country

If you thought the Saved by the Bell-inspired "Saved by the Max" restaurant only popping up in Chicago was totally bogus, there's good news! The dream hangout of every '90s kid will be touring the country after multiple extensions of it's run in the Windy City. Making the announcement is Mr. Belding, Dennis Haskins himself, who encourages superfans to submit their cities as possible stops at savedbythemax.com.

Paris, Get Ready For Your Own Naked Restaurant

Remember The Bunyadi – London’s clothing-optional pop-up restaurant that garnered so much interest it had tens of thousands of people on its waiting list before the first nude diner even walked in the door? Well, on July 31, it will be closing its doors a month ahead of schedule, reportedly not because British people are too prude to dine in the nude but because the restaurant has gotten an offer to relocate to Paris.

There's an 'Orange is the New Black' Prison Cafe Coming to Singapore

On June 16 and 17, Netflix is taking over Singapore's restaurant OverEasy and turning it into Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria from Orange is the New Black.

For A Brief, Shining Moment, An All-French Fry McDonald's Existed

Perhaps it will return. Some day.

Noodles Fit For A Super Hero

Ever wished your ramen were a little more Marvel-ous? Well, in this ramen shop that opened up in Tokyo last week, 200 customers got to eat superhero-ed out versions of their favorite ramen dishes. This pop-up restaurant in the Minato ward in Southeast Tokyo, featured Captain America and Iron Man-themed food prepared by Ippudo, a famous ramen chain with locations all around the world. Customers scored themselves such delightful fare as a panna cotta designed to look like Captain America's shield and a fried egg modeled after Tony Stark's arc reactor.

The Columbia Student That Started a Restaurant in His Dorm Room Is Getting Kicked Out of His Apartment

One of the things that made Jonah Reider’s restaurant, Pith, an exciting place to eat may also lead to its downfall. At least temporarily. Reider, the Columbia undergrad who decided to run a restaurant out of his dorm room will be kicked out of his apartment at the end of the month. Reider recently moved from his dorm room to a larger apartment, still owned by the university.

Dogs Serving Cold Beer Is The Latest Brilliant British Pop-Up

A bar where dogs serve beer is the latest in a stream of recent brilliant British pop-ups.

You may have already hit the cat café or owl bar, but if dogs are more your thing, check out the one-night-only London pop-up by beer brand Kronenbourg 1664. Designed to promote their current ad campaign where dogs are delivering beer in France’s Alsace region, each dog at the London pop-up, Bar D’Alsace-tian in Soho, will wear a barrel around its neck holding a bottle of chilled beer.

Your Fork Will Awaken At London’s New Star Wars Pop-Up

If you love the idea of The Force joining you during your next happy hour, London’s Star Wars-themed popup may be right up your galaxy.

Someone Finally Got Around to Making an All-Avocado Pop-Up

We love avocados as much anyone, but even we think basing an entire restaurant around the Instagram-friendly superfood is a little much.