King Cake

A Beer Aged on King Cakes Is Here in Time for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras might be New Orleans’ time to shine, but not that far up the coast in Gulfport, Mississippi, a local brewery and bakery have teamed up to create their own liquid Fat Tuesday celebration: a king cake beer.

This Giant King Cake Baby Man Is the Creepiest Mardi Gras Tradition

It's Mardi Gras and in New Orleans that means live music, 64-ounce takeout drinks and the world’s biggest and most disturbing King Cake Baby. If you haven’t been to NOLA during Carnival season, you might have missed him. Thank goodness he’s on Facebook now.

A mascot for the New Orleans NBA franchise (previously the Hornets, now the Pelicans), the six-foot-tall baby only comes out once a year. Looking at him, you can only assume his purpose is to evacuate the arena due to fear.

King Cakes Are Being Served Trinketless

Today, Jan. 6, is the Christian feast of the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings' Day. Many people around the world like to celebrate with a king cake—a cake traditionally baked with a small trinket inside, often a plastic baby. Typically, the person who finds the toy in their bite of cake is anointed as king or queen, but more recently, in the US, it’s become rarer to find anything in a king cake at all.