Ethan Fixell

The History of Words from Our FWx Beer Reviewer

Our intrepid beer Olympian Ethan Fixell is not merely a hops aficionado. He also hosts a new show for PBS called Bongo Bongo. It’s about etymology: the history of words. If that sounds boring to you, you obviously didn’t have the same charismatic linguistics professor we did in college. But don’t worry, Ethan’s show comes with lots of pictures to “entertain while educating.” This week he tackles a word that has been misused ever since Alanis Morrisette made it famous. Watch and enjoy. It’s like Sesame Street. For Grownups. Done by a guy who loves beer.

International Stout Smackdown

Talent. Dedication. Tastiness. All are qualities shared by the competitors in the most elite world games known to humanity: the Beer Olympics.