7 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Tea Lover

© Ngoc Minh Ngo
It must be 4 o’clock somewhere. Our pretty (and delicious) selections 
will make afternoon your favorite part of the day.

1. Caffeine-free Cederberg Chai has a spicy-sweet, almost tropical flavor and fun packaging. $19; paperandtea.com. 

2. Perfect with 
a cuppa, buttery shortbread from Café Warshafsky blends Earl Grey and vanilla. $20; cafewarshafsky

3. We’re addicted to these sweet and 
nutty Provençal calissons.From $8; danaconfections.com.

4. Florida Orange Blossom honey from 
Bee Raw is like a citrus grove in 
a jar. $15 for 10.5 oz.; beeraw.com. 

5. Inventive gin-spiked Posh Tea Biscuits 
are topped with 
a grapefruit 
glaze and pink peppercorns. 
$10; skullandcake

6. The tangy, fruity Wild Berry tea from Løv 
is perfect hot or iced. $17 for 
3.5 oz.; us.lov-

7. This Barrel-Aged Lapsang Souchong tea is 
like a warming Scotch, minus 
the booze. $40; smithtea.com.

Get recipes for afternoon tea here.

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