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The practice of drinking tea stretches back millennia. From its origins in Ancient China, tea spread around the world, becoming a (literal) hot commodity and a beverage that’s beloved worldwide. Each variety of tea tastes best when brewed with a specific water temperature and steep time; for example full bodied, malty black teas like Assam and Ceylon can handle near-boiling water and a longer steep time than more delicate teas like Silver Needle, the highest grade white tea from the Yinzhen province in China. If you need help sorting your Oolongs from your Pu-erhs, turn to our tea guide, which includes a basic primer on tea varieties, a users guide to fancy teas, menus for tea parties, and more. 

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Food & Wine: Chai Spice Recipes
Chai Spice Recipes
In the U.S., chai has become know as the tea flavor that incorporates satisfying notes of cinnamon and cardamom, but, in India, that's how all tea is prepared. Though chai can vary slightly from region to region—or based on personal preference—the basic ingredients are always the same: tea, milk, spices and sweetener. It's easy to make your own cup at home, but we also love to use this fragrant tea in sweet desserts and savory entrees. Here, our best recipes featuring chai. 

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