A new book takes a global look at cooking without animal products. For some, vegan cooking seems like a new-agey trend, propagated by hippies and SoCal fitness enthusiasts, or an austere health regimen defined by tofu, celery and deprivation. Not so. Vegan cooking is no new fad, though the increasing popularity of all-vegan diets may be. People around the world have incorporated vegan dishes into their cuisines for as long as they’ve been eating, few of which were created to be explicitly animal-free. Traditional staples that happen to be vegan—think dal bhat or spaghetti with tomato sauce—make use of ingredients that are cheap and readily available. And they’re delicious. In Vegan: The Cookbook, author Jean-Christian Jury collects an encyclopedia of plant-based recipes drawn from his own experiences cooking and eating around the world. He’s worked in kitchens in Spain, Italy and North Africa; developed recipes from South and Southeast Asia; and, all told, has visited over 100 countries on his culinary journey. Some of the recipes in the book are inspired by international ingredients and dishes Jury has eaten over the years, while others are collected from chefs and friends he’s met along the way. Here are 9 globetrotting vegan recipes to pique your appetite. —Hannah Walhout

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