Noodle Soup

Soup is a great way to use leftover pasta—spaghetti, udon, egg noodles, orecchiette and ramen are all delicious. Noodles are a great way to bulk up a light, healthy soup and make it filling enough for dinner. Use soba noodles in an Asian-inspired soup made with fresh ginger, soy sauce, tofu and chile-garlic sauce. Try a more classic noodle soup and use shell-shaped pasta, chicken, shallots and peas to create an easy, comforting meal. Whether you’re looking for classic chicken noodle or want to try something different, F&W’s guide to noodle soup has a recipe for every occasion.

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Inside Ichiran’s Ramen Noodle Factory
Ichiran, the cult Japanese ramen chain famed for thick, porky tonkotsu dimpled with a fiery red pepper sauce and a strict no phone, no talking policy in its “flavor concentration booths,” is finally making its U.S. debut. F&W goes inside its production kitchen in New York City to show how the ramen noodles are made.  

The Best Noodle Soup Ideas

Easy Noodle Soup Recipes