11 Best Snacks for a Pool Party

Inflatable swans have nothing on these delicious snacks.

1. Bacon-and-Romaine Skewers with Blue Cheese Dressing

Chef James Holmes reconfigures this classic dish as a playful snack. 

2. Sliced Fresh Guava with Shaved Coconut


When buying coconuts, choose heavy ones that feel full of liquid. 

3. Three-Queso Dip

© John Kernick

American cheese, Manchego and sharp cheddar create the ultimate Tex-Mex dip.

4. Shrimp Cakes

F&W's Justin Chapples pairs these paprika-spiked shrimp cakes with an almost-instant spicy mayo. 

5. Lobster Sliders

These are lush, miniature takes on classic New England lobster rolls. 

6. Double-Decker Dr Pepper Chicken Tacos

© John Kernick

Chef Courtney McBroom and actor Aziz Ansari serve these amazing chicken tacos at their epic pool parties.

7. Garlic Bread "Fries" with Marinara "Ketchup"

In this imaginative party snack, addictive garlicky bread sticks and smoky, bacon-laced tomato sauce resemble french fries and ketchup.

8. German Soft Pretzel Sticks

These slightly sweet, chewy, dark pretzel sticks are great on their own or with mustard. Or follow star chef Grant Achatz's lead and try them with ranch dressing.

9. Potato Chips with Nori Salt

Nori salt adds terrific umami flavor to these crisp chips.

10. Butter Pecan Cookie and Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chef Linton Hopkins gives this recipe a Southern flair thanks to pecans in the cookies.

11. Chocolate Chip-Pretzel Bars

These bars were inspired by the candy and cookies you’d mail to a homesick kid at summer camp.

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