Master baker Lionel Vatinet is French, but the bread he’s most proud of is as far from an airy baguette as you can get. It’s a dense, aromatic rye loaf, the kind of bread that’s practically a religion in Scandinavia. Vatinet jokes that he created it to curry favor with his Norwegian father-in-law: “If I please him, I please everybody!” But the truth is that Vatinet, who runs North Carolina’s La Farm Bakery, is in love with grains, and this bread shows off one of his favorites: heirloom rye. The crusty loaf is both delicious and wholesome thanks to that rye, which a study found can reduce body weight. To this, Vatinet heaves a Gallic shrug. “I am not a doctor; I am a baker,” he says. Here, Vatinet's step-by-step instructions for the ultra-crusty, extra-flavorful, Scandi-style rye bread his family loves.—Sarah DiGregorio

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