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The perfect bottle for tailgating: it's as good for hot chocolate as it is for a batch of icy Boulevardiers. Buy: $33 at

These linen napkins have a subtle pattern that gives them a textured look. Buy: $48 for 4 at

A therapeutic mix of California harvested salts and blood orange oil. Buy: $24 at

This geometric 14-inch stoneware platter is inspired by serving pieces from old hotels. Buy: $49 at

Famed Tuscan chocolate maker Cecilia Tessieri has created a stunning gift set for the serious chocolate lover. Buy: $250 at

Roll the dice to create new flavor combinations with ingredients in eight categories, including spirits, fruit and spice. Buy: $24 at

Who wouldn’t love to come home to a box filled with pumpkin or chocolate whoopie pies? Buy: $30 for 12 at

Ceramic knives are an equally sharp, super lightweight alternative to steel. Buy: $69.95 at

This pretty enameled steel and bamboo kettle is worthy of a formal tea ceremony. Buy: $109 at

Ingenious, stretchy silicone bands keep drinks from spilling. Buy: $295 at

Giffard's Abricot du Roussillon is as fragrant and juicy as the best apricot we've ever tasted. Buy: $33 at

Williams-Sonoma's Iznik stoneware evokes 16th-century Turkey. Each bowl in the set of four has a different design. Buy: $40 for 4;

The Perimeter tray is a striking combination of man-made materials (rubber, aluminum) and natural ones (wood, marble). Buy: $250 at

Architect Molly McGrath first worked with a laser cutter to make building models. Now she uses it to create felt and leather coasters. Buy: $45 for 4;

The Prosecco scent smells like a fresh mix of citrus, apricot and flowers—just like the sparkling wine. From $26;

The chunks of fruit in We Love Jam’s cherry-grapefruit flavor are succulent. Buy: $15 at

This is an adorable hostess gift: a hand-carved pie server and cheery “Easy as Pie” tea towel. Buy: $36 at

This handmade charcuterie board looks as nice on the wall as on the table. Buy: $190 at

Artisan Chifen Cheng crafts mortar and pestle sets for different hand sizes, adding an ergonomic thumb dent on the pestles. Buy: From $50 at

Made from silk-screened canvas, this roomy tote has a pocket for wine and space for food. Buy: $35 at

Lemon-glazed pound cake presented on a slicing board is a generous gift. Cutouts in these “Holey” maple boards allow them to be hung on the wall. Buy: From $52 at

F&W’s Megan Krigbaum loves to give sparkling wine to party hosts, with explicit instructions to drink it while doing the dishes. Here, her five top picks.

Locavores love Cesare Casella’s domestic cured meats. Buy: From $23 per lb at

Marcel Wanders’s “Dressed” ladle for Alessi is ultradeep. Paired with Tuscan minestra, it makes a great gift. Buy: $49 at

Japanese hand-forged brass trivets from Mjölk look like suns and stars. Buy: From $81 each at

This roasted red pepper, jalapeño and peach jam is great with pork. Buy: $9 for 10 oz at

Give chile-cumin spice paste in a nice jar—your hosts will love the flavor on pork chops. Buy: $32 at

Made from extra-durable glass, the Carafe Pinson (foreground) has an unusual hollow handle that fills up with liquid. Buy: $100 at

Iittala’s Sarpaneva pot has a smooth wooden handle. Buy: $295 at

This shapely copper watering can is handsome enough to use outdoors and indoors. Buy: $99 at

This earthenware-and-copper trivet would look terrific on my table with simple white plates. Buy: $54 at —Maren Ellingboe

My favorite flavor from NYC’s Canelé by Céline is the savory Parmesan; the cheese gives the custardy center a nice, sharp tang. Buy: $34.50 for 18 at —Julia Heffelfinger


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