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One of the best wine books has been substantially updated this year, with new maps and additional content about up-and-coming wine regions. It's also being released as an iPad ebook. Buy: $55 at

Through Firstleaf wine subscription club, F&W is featuring an awesome holiday special for wine lovers: six top-rated bottles discounted as much as 50 percent off retail. Buy: $60 at

Alessi's Noe wine holder is cleverly shaped like a cluster of grapes. Buy: $90 at

Mazama's ceramics can keep sake warm or white wine chilled. Buy: From $38 at

These gold-lined porcelain tumblers from Sieger by Fürstenberg are special enough to toast a 50th wedding anniversary, but I’d use them even for my upcoming fifth. Buy: $200 each at —Suzie Myers

Talented lamp designer Tom Dixon now makes these luxe Champagne buckets. Buy: $250 at

These gorgeous hand-blown Austrian glasses have rapidly become a favorite of top sommeliers. They are also durable enough to go in the dishwasher, which is a rarity for high-end stemware. Buy: $70 at

This groundbreaking gadget, created by a medical-device inventor who's also a wine lover, extracts wine from the bottle without removing the cork. Pour a glass today, then pour another one six months later: The wine will be just as fresh. Buy: $299 at

This clever cycling accessory acts as a holster for wine. Two leather straps secure a single bottle to a bike's top tube, so it's ideal for picnicking. Buy: $34 at

"Tasting blind" means hiding labels—and sometimes even using paraphernalia like blindfolds and black wineglasses (like the "Palais Black" crystal glasses from Noritake)—so guests have no visual clues about a wine’s identity and have to figure it out solely by sniffing and sipping. Buy: From $21 at

"Roederer Estate is fantastic, especially for the price," says Green Zebra chef Shawn McClain. Buy: $21 at

Though it’s small enough to slide into a pocket, the new F&W Wine Guide is stuffed with information on 1,000 easy-to-find and delicious wines. $13;

A center seam on this cotton canvas bag creates two pockets, so bottles don't clink. Buy: $19 at

Such a clever carafe, matching a ceramic base with a bottle-shaped glass lid. Buy: $145; at

These glasses have sloping lips and come in a range of shapes designed for specific wines, like the Nebbiolo and Champagne ones below. "The Nebbiolo is hands-down one of my favorite glasses to drink out of," sommelier Andrew Bradbury says. From $148 a pair;

This sturdy French bag lets me imagine I’m at a glamorous picnic on the Côte Basque. $70;


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