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This stoneware French press keeps coffee warm longer, perfect for a two cup morning. Buy: $65

Grind coffee beans without the harsh sounds of an electric grinder. Buy: $42 at


This grinder has adjustable settings for drip or pour over brewing and the ceramic blades generate less heat than metal to help preserve the flavor of the coffee beans. Buy: $59.95 at

"As a chronic oversleeper, I rely on Wandering Bear's coffee to get me out the door fast." Buy: from $30 for 96 oz. at —Julia Heffelfinger

"Plastic travel mugs are hard to get really clean —which makes me nuts. Joco's glass saves my sanity." Buy: from $23 at—Christine Quinlan

This coffeemaker is so smart; its large "shower head" design soaks grounds evenly. Buy: $150 at

For coffee nuts looking to unplug, the OE Pharos hand grinder is the best. Buy: $245 at

"This press is ceramic, which is great for retaining heat. And the design is so chic!" Buy: $165 at —Suzie Myers

Smeg’s new model lets me get my water temperature just right: a steamy 205 degrees for coffee, a gentler 175 for white tea. Buy: $150 at —Christine Quinlan

Many people use spice grinders for coffee, but they produce an uneven result. It’s better to invest in a burr grinder, which crushes the beans between two surfaces and makes it possible to select a precise grind size, from coarse to fine. Phillips likes the Baratza Virtuoso for an entry-level model. Buy: $229 at


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