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Printed with eco-friendly ink, these cottom-hemp napkins get softer with each wash. Buy: $72 for 6; - Maren Ellingboe

"The Artful Wooden Spoon offer step-by-step tutorials from one of my favorite woodworkers, the meticulous Joshua Vogel." Buy: $25; - Suzie Myers

"The butchers at Fleisher's offer terrific classes in their New York shops. Now I can teach myself at home with this kit from their in-house jerky master." Buy: $30; -Tina Ujlaki

This luscious, silky sauce gets its boozy kick from unaged whiskey by Oregon's House Spirits Distillery. It's fabulous on ice cream or chocolate cake. Buy: $11 for 10 oz.;

A little of this sweet-tart syrup on vanilla ice cream evokes apple pie à la mode. Buy: $16 for 12.7 oz.;

"Tracy Stern Tea & Co. specializes in blends for iced tea. The oolong lychee is so complex and delicious that I'll brew it even on a cold, wet day in March." Buy: $20 for 3 oz.; - Kate Heddings

San Francisco bakery Craftsman and Wolves' lush passion fruit–olive oil curd transforms morning toast. Buy: $12 for 7.5 oz.;

Château d'Estoublon Flacon Spray olive oil comes in a beautiful glass bottle. Spritz the slightly grassy oil on fish and vegetables right off the grill.  Buy: $37 for 3.4 oz.;

Gingras uses 17 kinds of apples for this complex, barrel-aged vinegar. Buy: $12 for 500 ml;

Eliunt's olive oils—sold in black-glass bottles that block sunlight—range from fruity Lebanese to nutty Portuguese. Buy: $130 for ten 2 oz bottles;

Suitcase-shaped packages of imported jamón, chocolate and more. Buy: From $60;

Core Bamboo’s mortar and pestle is made from superdurable bamboo. Buy: $38;

Caputo Brothers curds help make chef-quality mozzarella at home. Buy: $24 for 1 lb;

Made from white grapes and mangoes, it adds a tropical note to salad dressings. Buy: $20;

The famous jamón ibérico from Cinco Jotas now comes in a handy pre-sliced pack. Buy: $45 for 3 oz;

A buttery small-batch California olive oil that's remarkably affordable. Buy: $18 for 500 ml;

This bar has just the right mix of salty caramel and buttery brown sugar. Buy: $18 for 6;

Dipped in white chocolate and made with coarse muscovado sugar, these cookies are buttery and crunchy. Buy: $8.50 for 3 oz.;

Wondermade’s handcrafted marshmallows come in whimsical flavors like lemonade and Champagne (flecked with 24-karat gold). Buy: $8 for 16;

Cousins Maine Lobster, a great Los Angeles food truck, sells this kit with a pound of rich lobster meat—and no messy shells. Buy: $95;

Lakritsfabriken’s licorice from Sweden is a deeply satisfying version of the sweet-salty Scandi classic. Buy: $17 for 5 oz.;

Shrubs—a.k.a. sipping vinegars—are super-refreshing in summer drinks. Mix Sage & Sea Farms’ mint shrub into sparkling water or a mojito. Buy: $23 for 25 oz.;

Fresh Origins’ mini vegetables don’t require any peeling or slicing, just sea salt and butter for dipping. Buy: $14 for 50;

My favorite new morning snack: slices of Honey Crisp apple dipped in Big Spoon Roasters’ almond butter studded with candied ginger. Buy: $14 for 8 oz.;

The chocolate in this set is smoke-infused for an instant campfire effect. Buy: $25 for 6 servings;

Simone LeBlanc’s assortments are all about the exquisite details: Bellocq tea, mini floral bouquets, inspirational quotes and personalized labels. Buy: $200;

Bklyn Larder’s Snacks for 2 selection assumes those two people are ravenous. It has housemade crostini and cookies, plus picks like Utah’s Creminelli salumi. Buy: $129;

Mouth tracks down the best foods from the best artisans. Look for gift sets like 12 Days of Christmas (pictured) and the new Food & Wine Selects, with picks from F&W’s ultra-choosy editors. Buy: From $40;

Great Grains from Many Kitchens brings together quinoa, amaranth and more from Napa Valley’s esteemed Rancho Gordo. Buy: $41;

I like to slice these blocks of dried fruit and nuts thinly and eat them with Manchego. —Tina Ujlaki
Buy: $18 for 10.5 oz.;

Sweet sap sounds cloying, but the kind Villa de Patos extracts from the maguey plant is well balanced. I drizzle it on yogurt. Buy: $13 for 23.7 oz.; —Kate Heddings


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