Toast and its endless accouterments have surfaced throughout the years in many different forms. In Japanese cafés, it is served both savory and sweet, from pizza toast to Shibuya honey toast. In Italy, crunchy crostini are oiled and spread with chicken liver or bone marrow. The British enjoy theirs buttered and often, served with tea and jam. In more recent years, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s fresh crab toast at ABC Kitchen has earned almost a cult following in New York and beyond. This spring, The Mill in San Francisco and Sqirl in L.A. drew crowds and made headlines for charging upwards of $7 for thick slices of toast, served with high-quality nut spreads, butters and jams. But toast transcends trends. It is, and always will be, a perfect canvas for chefs, no matter how their influences change. Here, 15 toasts you must try now.—Veronica Meewes

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