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Mexican textiles inspire Taylor’s handwoven kitchen linens. $22;

There are no losers with Eleni’s edible markers and vanilla-cookie game boards. $40 for 5 markers and 12 cookies;

Roll the dice to create new flavor combinations with ingredients in eight categories, including spirits, fruit and spice. $24;

Danish designer Ole Jensen makes smart kitchen tools like this bowl-colander hybrid. $40;

Corte Donda combines cherries, oranges and kiwi with mustard oil to create a sweet and spicy sandwich spread. $22 for 10 oz.;

Robyn Glaser's soft linen napkins have a lively, almost three-dimensional pattern. $32 each;

Bialetti’s pot has a built-in strainer; the oval shape makes it easy to cook long pastas. $30;

We love Tumbador’s Nostalgia Collection of chocolate, like cream-filled Lil’ Devils. $27 for 9;

Suitcase-shaped packages of imported jamón, chocolate and more.” From $35;

By using top-quality cream, I can make a complex, rich butter in 20 minutes. $30;

This lacquered bento box is sturdy, spill-proof and comes in five bright colors. $32;

GIR's bright, nearly indestructible silicone tools are heat-resistant to over 460 degrees. $23;

This woven bamboo steamer basket fits perfectly over a pot. $36;

Rustic modern tea towels are photo printed with animals like a horned elk. $25;

Core Bamboo’s mortar and pestle is made from super-durable bamboo. $38;

A pair of small bowls (one has a little spout!) perfect for sauces or dressings. $30;

Book jacket designer turned e-retailer Megan Wilson sells simple household items like this sturdy British oven mitt. $25;

This Sagaform pitcher is just the right size for glögg. $25;

Weber’s ceramic pizza stone absorbs moisture to make perfectly crispy pizzas and can be used on a charcoal or gas grill. $35;


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