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"This toasty emerald-green oil from Stony Brook is surprisingly light. I drizzle it on goat cheese for hors d'oeuvres." - Julia Heffelfinger. Buy: $14.99 for 6.3 oz.;

Like a Swiss Army Knife for the bar, the Martini Bar Tool includes a jigger, knife, reamer, zester and strainer. Buy: $15;

Bulls Bay salt from South Carolina has large, delicate flakes that melt when sprinkled on warm vegetables, but keep a nice little crunch. Buy: $15 for 4 oz.;

"This is so creamy, I'd spread it on a biscuit instead of butter." - Julia Heffelfinger. Buy: $10 for 6 oz.;

An artisanal version of the seaside classic, in sophisticated flavors like bergamot and salty caramel apple. Buy: $6.50;

"This harissa, made with tomato paste, preserved lemons and chiles, is my new rice bowl go-to." - Christine Quinlan. Buy: $11 for 6 oz.;

At Momofuku Lab, star chef David Chang conducts brilliant umami experiments. One of the first results: his spicy, fermented-chile Ssäm Sauce. Buy: $7.50 for 11 oz.;

You'll find us cooking banana-leaf-wrapped fish over Thaan binchotan from master griller Andy Ricker of Pok Pok. Buy: $9 for 5 lbs.;

Now I can make the crispy cornflake-and-marshmallow cookies from NYC’s Momofuku Milk Bar at home…in big batches! Buy: $16; —Kate Heddings

Designer Tina Frey makes color-saturated resin furniture and utensils, like this bright spoon, by hand. Buy: $22;

A Tater Tot match made in heaven, 'Chups savory fruit ketchups are flavored with vinegar and spices. Buy: $8 for 6 oz.;

Inspired by traditional Thai curries, these peanut butter cookies are made with 10 different spices. Buy: $9 for 6;

Made from ground vanilla beans, it's an excellent alternative to extract in cookies like shortbread. Buy: $17 for 0.88 oz;

This chocolate–caramel–peanut butter bar gets its awesome texture from pretzels and crispy rice. Buy: $7;

Red Kite's candies, in flavors like maple and chocolate–sea salt, are buttery and chewy. Buy: $7 for 4 oz;

This powder, made from several different cheeses, is great sprinkled on popcorn or folded into dips. Buy: $19 for 6 oz;

The Rotary Peeler from Joseph Joseph has three blades—regular, serrated and julienne—so it saves space in your utility drawer. The julienne blade alone is worth the price. Buy: $12;

Barbecue master Steven Raichlen designed these tongs with detachable LED lights for night grilling. Buy: $20;

Filotea's dried pasta from Italy has the tender texture of fresh-made. Buy: $19;

This sesame spread is so rich, with a fabulous crunch from pistachios. Buy: $15 for 8 oz;

This bar has just the right mix of salty caramel and buttery brown sugar. Buy: $18 for 6;

The bright green Stretch trivet is large enough to hold several platters. Buy: $16;

Bandar adds an Indian twist to its new hot sauces, like spicy mango. Buy: $4 for 7 oz;

This diminutive version of Lodge's winning cast-iron skillets comes preseasoned, just like its big brothers. The miniature size is great for playful, single serving breakfast presentations. Buy: $12;

Caramelized hazelnuts are hand-coated in 14 layers of chocolate. Buy: $15 for 4 oz;

This lightly coconutty, slightly sweet and salty spread is perfect for dipping dark chocolate in. Buy: $16 for 6 oz.;


The almonds in this artisanal orgeat, a tiki-drink staple, are toasted first for extra flavor. Buy: $15 for 12.7 oz.;

The distinct, citrusy flavor of Thai chiles comes through in this not-too-hot sauce that’s perfect for stir-fries. Buy: $8 for 5 oz.;

When Blomus’s Knik trivet isn’t protecting your table, it folds up for easy storage. Buy: $13;

Maggie Louise creates shapes from pharaohs and camels to lipsticks. Buy: From $13.50 for 6;


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