Fondue saw its American heyday in the 1960s, when themed parties centered around mid-century fondue sets were all the rage. But does melted cheese ever really go out of style? We can thank the Swiss for introducing their decadent national dish to the States, traditionally prepared with a blend of cheeses, wine and seasonings, then served in a communal pot (caquelon) or portable stove (échaud) and accompanied by long, skewer-like utensils. Lesser known but equally delicious is raclette, which is the name for both the type of semi-firm cheese and the device used to melt it over bread, cheese, vegetables and meat. And because love for cheese is universal, plenty of other cultures lay claim to similar creamy interpretations. In Mexico, queso fundido is serving bubbling hot in a cast iron, accompanied with fresh tortillas for scooping. British pubs often serve Welsh rarebit, a cheese dip traditionally made with cheddar, ale, mustard and Worcesterchire, then poured over slices of toast. These are just a couple of the inspirations for the following 15 melted cheese creations you must try.—Veronica Meewes

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