Great restaurants always express a vision, and when it comes to the best new wine bars in the US, that's equally true. The 10 places here all have vivid, distinctive points 
of view that express the particular passions of the wine director and chef. Are you a Burgundy nut? Head to Les Clos in San Francisco, where owner Mark Bright shares your obsession and can prove it with 2,000 stellar bottles and a hearty, classically Burgundian menu. At Boston's Select Oyster Bar, Michael Serpa is both chef and wine director; there's not a bottle on the list that won't match his impeccably sourced seafood dishes perfectly. The main thing that sets these wine bars apart from traditional restaurants is the commitment required on the part of the guest. Customers can stop in, have a glass of wine or two, order a dish or two, then head out to the next destination. Or they can open a bottle and settle in for the evening. The freedom to do either is very much in tune with the way people want to eat today, and it's part of the joy of the experience.—Ray Isle & Kate Krader

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