Vegetable Side Dishes

Including a vegetable side dish with the main attraction on your plate can sometimes make or break a meal. Including vegetables can help you hit your daily quota—to keep up with those vitamins and minerals—and add an opportunity to sneak in different flavors in an otherwise one-note meal. You can tailor your side dish to the season by using ingredients that are available and choosing a cooking method that suits the weather. Use Food & Wine's guide to find recipes that fit your meal.

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Food & Wine: Steamed Vegetables
Steamed Vegetables
Steaming isn't our first choice when cooking vegetables, but it can be a great way to keep a meal healthy. You can forgo a lot of fat without losing flavor by adding in a few well chosen ingredients. Keep it simple by steaming the vegetables with herbs or fish to avoid a lot of prep work. Or toss the vegetables with bold ingredients like anchovies and vinaigrette. Some of our favorite vegetables to steam are tender baby potatoes, hardy mustard greens and buttery leeks. We love to add mustard, lemongrass and parsley to punch up the flavor of these veggies while keeping things healthy. Here, our best recipes for steamed veggies. 

The Best Vegetable Side Dishes Ideas

Easy Vegetable Side Dishes Recipes