Food waste is an epidemic. By some estimates, as much as one fifth of the world’s food is being wasted due to a combination of unnecessary disposal and over-consumption. Of course, much of this has to do with inefficiencies in food production and distribution, and larger structural problems in our food systems—but are there any steps we, as home cooks, can take in our own kitchens? Enter Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty, out now from Grand Central Publishing. Mads Refslund, half of the team behind legendary restaurant NOMA, and Tama Matsuoka Wong, author of Foraged Flavor, aim to give home cooks practical tips to get the most out of their groceries. Readers get a look at what Refslund calls the practice of “trash cooking” with simple, delicious recipes focused on commonly neglected ingredients: wilted greens, apple cores, coffee grounds and more. Here’s a sneak peek at the book: 5 recipes that call for creative recycling of kitchen scraps. —Hannah Walhout

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