Side Dishes

What would a picnic be without a helping of potato salad? Or Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce, stuffing and buttery mashed potatoes? Even though main-course foods often steal all the limelight, sometimes it’s the sides that actually make a meal. Besides elevating a lonely piece of meat into a complete dinner (which they often do), sides frequently speak to the seasonality of the entire meal. Roasted root vegetables and cheesy gratins offer comfort during cold weather, while lighter fare like snap pea salads or grilled vegetables take advantage of the farmers’ market bounty during spring and summer. F&W’s guide to side dishes will give you ideas to serve all year round, from quick 30-minute vegetable recipes to hearty, warm casseroles.

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Food & Wine: Steamed Vegetables
Steamed Vegetables
Steaming isn't our first choice when cooking vegetables, but it can be a great way to keep a meal healthy. You can forgo a lot of fat without losing flavor by adding in a few well chosen ingredients. Keep it simple by steaming the vegetables with herbs or fish to avoid a lot of prep work. Or toss the vegetables with bold ingredients like anchovies and vinaigrette. Some of our favorite vegetables to steam are tender baby potatoes, hardy mustard greens and buttery leeks. We love to add mustard, lemongrass and parsley to punch up the flavor of these veggies while keeping things healthy. Here, our best recipes for steamed veggies. 

Easy Side Dishes

Side Dish Recipes