Herbs are the edible, leafy green sections of plants which have been used in culinary and medicinal applications since ancient times. If your dish is lacking flavor, you don’t have to add extra salt or fat, simply turn to fresh herbs. The licorice notes of basil, the lemony scent of thyme, the fresh punch of parsley, there is an herb to compliment any dish. If you’ve only been using herbs sprinkled over your finished dish, try making them into sauces like pesto and chimichurri; they add a burst of flavor to soups and grilled meats, fish, and vegetables. The Food and Wine guide to herbs includes tips for working with herbs as well as our favorite recipes like Herb Butter Roasted Chicken, Herbed Zucchini Feta Fritters, and more.

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Food & Wine: DIY Candy Guide
DIY Candy Guide
"Candy is magic, " says Jami Curl, the mastermind behind Quin, the 
cult sweets shop in Portland, Oregon. “I remember making my first lollipop and holding it up to the light and thinking, I’m a wizard!” she adds. 
At Quin, Curl gives classic favorites an upgrade by making them with natural ingredients—lollipops are flecked with citrus zest; marshmallows, with 
real vanilla bean. But more than magic, making candy is all about precision: Follow the recipes on these pages and you can’t go wrong. Wrapped in cellophane, they make the sweetest—and most thoughtful—holiday gifts, 
Curl says. “It’s a big deal when you give someone candy that you have 
made yourself.” 1022 W. Burnside St.; quincandy.com. —Julia Heffelfinger

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