Growing to an average of ten feet long, swordfish are some of the biggest fish in the sea. It’s no surprise, then, that swordfish steaks are so meaty and flavorful. Don’t be afraid to pull out your zippiest marinades, your spiciest sauces, and boldest condiments when cooking swordfish. Swordfish steaks have “dark meat” which helps keep the steaks juicy; try cutting the fillet into cubes and grilling it in kebabs or slow roasting it in the oven until tender. Whatever preparation you choose, it’s hard to go wrong with swordfish, just ask Marcella Hazan, who says her swordfish with salmoriglio “never disappoints.” For more recipe ideas and tips from chefs like John Besh and Jonathan Waxman, turn to the F&W guide to swordfish.

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