Salad Recipes

Putting together the salad for a meal shouldn’t be an afterthought, but many times your typical ingredient list can leave you feeling uninspired. Food & Wine’s guide gives you dozens of recipes to keep your salad ideas fresh any season of the year. We have the classics, such as green salads and traditional potato salad, and offer creative techniques that will take your salad game up a notch. For example, chef Justin Smillie tops his salads with a savory granola made of pine nuts and kasha. “Everyone adds nuts to salad, but I wanted to do something different,” he says. You’ll never look at salad the same way again.

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Food & Wine: Broccoli Salads
Broccoli Salads
Turning boring broccoli into a flavor-packed salad is our favorite way to eat this vegetable. These recipes use fresh herbs, flavorful dressings and bright flavors to transform broccoli into a side dish your whole family will love--even the notorious broccoli haters. These salads and slaws are perfect for summer cookouts, holiday potlucks and casual family meals, and are a great way to add cheerful color and punchy flavor to your dinner table any time of year. Here, some of our easiest (and most delicious) recipes for broccoli salad.

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Easy Salad Recipes