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Cocktail Guide: Terrazza recipe
© Lucas Allen


  • SERVINGS: Makes 1 Drink

Bittersweet, artichoke-flavored Cynar and citrus bitters stand in for the Aperol in this light, dry cocktail, with rosé Vermouth adding a spicy, floral accent. Vincenzo Marianella created the drink on the terrazza (balcony) of a friend’s California beach house around sunset.

  1. Ice
  2. 3 ounces chilled Prosecco
  3. 2 ounces rosé vermouth, preferably Martini Rosato
  4. 3/4 ounce Cynar
  5. 2 dashes of citrus bitters
  6. 1 thin orange wedge, preferably blood orange, for garnish
  1. Fill a chilled wineglass with ice. Add all of the remaining ingredients except the garnish and stir well. Garnish the drink with the orange wedge.