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Smoked Oyster Po'Boys

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Star Ingredient: Geisha Fancy Smoked Oysters

There is nothing more satisfying than a traditional Southern oyster po'boy sandwich—until you consider the time and effort it takes to shuck the fresh oysters and then deep fry them. This deliciously simple variation, using smoked oysters sold in tins at the supermarket and a tangy lemon dressing, is ready in one-tenth the time.

  1. 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  2. 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  3. 1 large garlic clove, minced
  4. 1 tablespoon hot sauce or 2 tablespoons minced jalapeño
  5. Salt and freshly ground pepper
  6. 3 inner celery ribs, thinly sliced on the diagonal
  7. Two 3 3/4-ounce cans smoked oysters, drained
  8. Two 6-ounce bunches watercress, thick stems discarded
  9. One 1-pound baguette, halved lengthwise
  1. In a medium bowl, combine the olive oil with the lemon juice, garlic and hot sauce and season with salt and pepper. Add the celery and oysters and toss. Add the watercress and toss again. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Mound the salad on the baguette, close the sandwich and press to flatten slightly, tucking in any greens. Cut the baguette into 6 sandwiches and serve right away.

Suggested Pairing

A crisp California sparkling wine will provide a refreshing contrast to the briny oysters and the tangy dressing.