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Roast Pork Hoagies with Smoked Mozzarella and Broccoli Rabe

  • SERVINGS: Makes 4 jumbo hoagies
  • FAST

  1. 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  2. 2 large garlic cloves, minced
  3. 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  4. 1 bunch (1 1/2 pounds) broccoli rabe, cut into 1-inch lengths
  5. Salt
  6. 1 pound smoked mozzarella, sliced
  7. 4 soft hoagie rolls, split
  8. 1 pound thinly sliced roasted pork
  1. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil. Add the garlic and crushed red pepper and cook over moderately high heat until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add the broccoli rabe, season with salt and cook, stirring frequently, until the broccoli rabe is tender and any liquid is evaporated, about 8 minutes.
  2. Lay the cheese on the hoagie rolls and top with the pork and broccoli rabe. Spoon any olive oil left in the skillet on top, close the sandwiches and serve.