Pickled Apricots
© Antonis Achilleos

Pickled Apricots

  • ACTIVE: 15 MIN
  • TOTAL TIME: 40 MIN Plus overnight pickling
  • SERVINGS: Makes about 3 cups


  1. 3/4 cup white wine vinegar
  2. 3/4 cup water
  3. 3 tablespoons turbinado sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds
  5. 2 cups dried apricots (1 pound)
  6. 1/4 cup dark raisins
  7. 1 bay leaf
  1. In a small saucepan, combine the vinegar, water, sugar and mustard seeds and bring to a boil to dissolve the sugar. In a heatproof bowl or jar, cover the apricots, raisins and bay leaf with the hot brine. Let cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate overnight or for up to 1 month. Just before serving, coarsely chop the apricots.
Serve With
Pork Rillettes.