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Last-Straw Cobbler
© Tina Rupp

Last-Straw Cobbler

  • SERVINGS: Makes 1 Drink

The first cobblers, thought to have been invented in the 1830s, consisted of sherry, sugar, fruit and lots of shaved ice. Ice remains the hallmark of a good cobbler, even high-proof versions like this one (which, Philip Ward advises, should be served with a wide straw).

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  1. 1/2 ounce Velvet Falernum (clove-spiced liqueur)
  2. 2 ounces añejo tequila
  3. Dash of Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel–Aged bitters or Angostura bitters
  4. Crushed ice
  5. 2 strawberries, quartered, plus 1 strawberry for garnish
  1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the quartered strawberries in the falernum. Add the tequila and bitters; shake well. Pour into a double rocks glass or wineglass, top with crushed ice and garnish with a strawberry.