Herb-Marinated Goat Cheese in a Jar
© Line Klein

Herb-Marinated Goat Cheese in a Jar

  • ACTIVE: 10 MIN

Author Patricia Wells packs a tangy goat cheese log with fresh herb sprigs before being covered with olive oil. Bonus: unbelievably flavorful oil for drizzling.


  1. 1 small bunch rosemary
  2. 1 small bunch thyme
  3. 1 small bunch oregano
  4. 1 small bunch basil
  5. 1 small bunch dill
  6. 1 small bunch mint sprigs
  7. 1 11-ounce goat cheese log, cut crosswise into 4 pieces
  8. 2 1/2 to 3 cups extra-virgin olive oil
  9. Toasted sliced baguette or sourdough bread, for serving
  1. Spread half of the herbs in an 8-cup canning jar or a bowl at least 3 inches deep. Set the cheese rounds on top and cover with the remaining herbs. Add enough of the olive oil to completely submerge the cheese and herbs. Cover with the lid or plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 3 days and up to 5 days. Remove the cheese from the oil and serve with baguette slices. Strain the herb oil and reserve for other uses.