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Grilled Romesco Sauce

  • SERVINGS: makes 2 1/4 cups
  • FAST

Alyssa Gorelick serves this grilled Romesco sauce over quinoa-stuffed poblano peppers. Any extra sauce is terrific with roasted or grilled potatoes or on a veggie burger.

  1. 2 large red bell peppers—halved, cored and seeded
  2. 1 large tomato, halved
  3. 1/2 medium onion, thickly sliced
  4. 1/4 cup raw almonds
  5. 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  6. Salt
  1. Light a grill. Wrap the red peppers, tomato and onion in a large sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Grill over moderate heat for about 25 minutes, until the vegetables are softened and charred.
  2. Transfer the vegetables to a blender. Add the almonds and crushed red pepper and puree. Season with salt and serve.
Notes 1/4 cup: 35 cal, 12 gm fat, 0.1 gm sat fat, 5 gm carb, 1 gm fiber, 1 gm protein.