Evergreen Swizzle
© Petrina Tinslay

Evergreen Swizzle

  • TOTAL TIME: 05 MIN Plus 4 hr chilling
  • SERVINGS: 12

Instead of making cocktails one at a time, borrow a mixology trend: Premix them in batches and serve in small bottles. This aromatic cocktail is made with gin, Yellow Chartreuse, pine liqueur and fresh lime juice.


  1. 18 ounces gin
  2. 6 ounces Yellow Chartreuse
  3. 6 ounces Zirbenz (pine liqueur)
  4. 6 ounces strained fresh lime juice
  5. 18 ounces water
  1. Combine the ingredients in a pitcher and stir well. Pour into 12 small bottles and chill for at least 4 hours, until very cold. Serve with small rosemary sprigs.