Tested and Perfected by Food and Wine


  • SERVINGS: Makes 1 drink

While visiting the Dominican Republic, bartender Wayne Collins set out to make a daiquiri-like drink using the local Brugal rum and created this sweet-and-sour cocktail. Passion fruit is called chinola in the D.R.

cocktails Glassware Guide

  1. Ice
  2. 1 lime wedge
  3. 1 1/2 ounces white rum
  4. 1/2 ounce crème de pêche (peach liqueur)
  5. 1 ounce passion fruit nectar or juice
  6. 1/2 ounce Simple Syrup
  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Squeeze the lime wedge into the shaker and add it along with all of the remaining ingredients. Shake well, then double strain into a chilled coupe.